Urban Burn Stockholm

Yoga Dj Dance-Prep Erode Your Awkwardness Sessions 10 PM Saturday

Creation description

One spot, one huge yoga-mat.

Take off your shoes & step into northern Europe´s wildest AND most relaxing yoga where opposites meet.

Any clothes possible. All levels & ages welcome. Do as much as you like.

Send your body into sweating motion or take it easy, rest if you want to, do your own moves if you want to.

Enjoy the guided meditation. Enjoy the yoga. Enjoy the dance moves. Can capoeira moves be incorporated into yoga? Sure. Can tai-chi add some value to yoga? See for yourself.

These sessions are focused on loosening up your muscles, joints, fascia and through a deep, intense & slow stretch liberate those hormones which lift you up into a high & transform yourself into a dancing queen or king or queer.

We aim for an organic meet between music & yoga - if you don´t actually hear the music, the key is just right. So let your body sing. Step from the yoga floor directly to the dance floor or transform the yoga floor to a dance floor. The other way around? Do it.

Often, we feel awkward on the dance floor without alcohol or drugs - the yoga will be your tool to set your body in rhythmical motion with the high that rests deep in your body. Let´s liberate those sweet hormones and experience a true yoga rush.

See you soon.

Master of ceremonies: Christian Wigardt,

DJ:s: Curt Lundberg, José Arcadio, Robin Brandt

We will together with you perform the yoga dj sessions at approx 10 PM Saturday.

Want to get an idea about the energy involved? Go to and see what we did at Trädgården last summer.

What can I do to help?

1. Transport the yoga/karate-mat puzzle from Noden to Nobelberget
2. Loudspeaker, amplifier, mixer - I´ll plug in my head-set to the mixer
3. A sign saying: "Please take your shoes off"
4. Lots of sharing of event on Facebook
and, very important.

Safety Details

I´m usually quite clear about being soft in your yoga practice. You should never experience pain, it´s not a competition, take one step back if you feel that the position is not right for you

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  • Contact Name: Christian Wigardt
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  • Size of Space: As much space as the huge mat covers
  • Noise Level: Quite much so

  • Needs electricity

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