Urban Burn Stockholm

Pimp station x 2

Creation description

This will be a place to make yourself or someone else look even more amazing, glittery, sparkly and fabulous for the day/evening. The pimp station will consists of two areas:
Pimp station #1 located in the wardrobe where outfits such as clothes can be borrowed for the day/evening.
Pimp station #2 next to the toilets were you can put on some glitter, nail polish and accessories to get the best out of you.

What can I do to help?

All co-creators are welcomed to join!
Im searching for donations in form of clothes, hats, accessories, jewelry, make-up, nail-polish, glitter, funny glasses, masks....All you can think of!
If you have clothes that can be lent that is also perfect. The clothing pimp-station will be open for borrowing stuff.
I also need clothespins, tread or anything to place the smaller stuff on. Fabric etc
Need help to take things down on Sunday, since Im not able to participate then

Safety Details

You will look amazingly beautiful

What is this?

Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Welcome to the Bizarre Star Bazaar, a festival where all content is created by the participants. It is a part of a network of regional events connected to the Burning Man festival in Black Rock, Nevada. The festival will be held in Stockholm, Sweden from March 11th to March 13th. Get your ticket to the Bazaar here!

  • Creation info

  • Contact Name: Victoria
  • Contact Email:
  • Size of Space: Some of the wardrobe area and one room next to the toilet (pissoar...)
  • Noise Level: Not noisy

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