Urban Burn Stockholm

Wearable art / photo shoots

Creation description

Wearable art inspired by candy, glamour, creatures (like antelopes), burlesque, bondage, circus and cosplay. Think plastic punk, pastel bondage, heavy headdresses and flower fantasies.

Identity: there are strong conventions about the things we wear, and what it tells the world about us. We find that many people feel locked in an identity based on others perceptions of us, and their expectations of what we will wear and how we will act. Making our bodies look radically different through what we wear can help unlock our own, and others, limitations in our perceptions of our identities, thus opening up the possibility for exploration of new and unknown corners of ourselves and others. In this way, wearable art can be the ultimate form of interaction - through placing art on the body it influences not only that body, but also the mind connected to it, and other peoples perception of that body/mind.

Sexuality: in the mainstream perception of "sexually deviant" practices such as BDSM, it is associated with bad taste and something ugly and vulgar. We want to integrate imagery from BDSM into something that is sexy in an aesthetically different way, by combining it with colours and materials that very much contrast e.g. leather bondage. Not because there is anything wrong with a vulgar and "ugly" BDSM look, but because we want to blur the lines between categories of aesthetics and "types" of sexual attractions.

What can I do to help?

I would love others who like doing costumes to join the show with their creations. I will be making the costumes while I am there, so would be fun to have some partners in crime during the work process. Either helping with my costume ideas or making their own. It would also be amazing to team up with some (amateur) make-up artists, a DJ and someone who can set up lights to mark up a "catwalk", and/or lights integrated in the designs? Would also be great to work with a photographer to make some great photoshoots of the work, and to take photos of the show/performance.

Safety Details

What is this?

Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Welcome to the Bizarre Star Bazaar, a festival where all content is created by the participants. It is a part of a network of regional events connected to the Burning Man festival in Black Rock, Nevada. The festival will be held in Stockholm, Sweden from March 11th to March 13th. Get your ticket to the Bazaar here!

  • Creation info

  • Contact Name: Anna Askedatter
  • Contact Email:
  • Size of Space: about 9 square meters for the sowing process, and a catwalk-sized area for the show...? Or just a stage.
  • Noise Level: sowing machine level for the work process... The show should be with rather loud music

  • Needs electricity
  • Seeking art grant

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