Urban Burn Stockholm

Aqua Booth

Creation description

We are one, connected by the salty waters. Try our shapes and costumes, experience the deep seas from within. Aqua Booth is a place to connect to the ocean and feel the shapes and formes of it´s inhabitants. Taste it. Feel it. Take a picture!

Have you ever thought about how it would feel like to live in the ocean..? Aqua Booth is a play area to try fishy costumes and create ocean like scenarios with new and old friends. The booth is large enough for 5-8 persons to create their own scenario on a "reef". Then we can assist with taking a photo, possible upload it online, and there you have a beautiful memory to share from Urban Burn 2016. Maybe we also paint a photo wall - for participants outside the booth to play with!

What can I do to help?

We need your help! Are you in to: Making costumes or masks? Build a booth? Colour it all up in nuances of the ocean? Bring some new ideas? Body paint? Everything that brings our ocean together is welcome!
We might also need some materials:
# Sound system
# Building material (we would love to reuse old materials if possible)
# Spray paint

Safety Details

Developing geels might be a side effect.

What is this?

Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Welcome to the Bizarre Star Bazaar, a festival where all content is created by the participants. It is a part of a network of regional events connected to the Burning Man festival in Black Rock, Nevada. The festival will be held in Stockholm, Sweden from March 11th to March 13th. Get your ticket to the Bazaar here!

  • Creation info

  • Contact Name: Emma Gerdien
  • Contact Email:
  • Size of Space: Preferably 2,5 x 4 meters with a wall on one of the shorter sides. If there is some open space outside the booth, that would be great!
  • Noise Level: We want some quiet mermaid music to go with the sea experience.

  • Needs electricity
  • Seeking art grant

  • This creation needs more helping hands. Send them an email and join in!

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